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  • "Thank you for helping to make me the best in the field. Compliments abound from staff and outside personnel as well!" -2012 CGTI Graduate
  • "In just 1 week here, your hands-on training is filling in the blanks my last (training program) left unanswered. Thank you so much for providing such great training!" -2013 CGTI Graduate
  • "I would like to thank everyone! The positive feedback from my instructors & staff was beyond reproach. Your dedication to your students makes this experience a success! I will tell everyone of the Institute and your stride for excellence!" -2012 CGTI Graduate
  • “Instructors are awesome! I will be telling others to begin their CNA or Care giving careers at CGTI.” -2011 CGTI Graduate
  • "Your grads are the best prepared caregivers in Southern Arizona. I have hired them with confidence at several facilities and they have never let me down." -Industry Employer/Executive Director~Memory Care Facility
  • “While doing research on where to place my father-in-law, across the board, facilities and care centers recommended CGTI graduates. -Industry Client
  • “When I receive applicant calls from graduates of CGTI, I already know they come prepared with the basics, PLUS Superior training. Thank you, CGTI” -Owner of Assisted Living Home
  • “ I feel that I’m totally set up for success and while I was employable before attending your awesome school, I’m 10 times more employable now. Thank you!” -2011 CGTI Graduate
  • “Caregiver Training has the best reputation in town for training and I am very proud to say I have attended CGTI.” -2010 CGTI Graduate
  • “I must tell you that every graduate from CGTI we have hired, has been so far above any other, work ethics are something we really can appreciate and your graduates sure have them!” -Owner of Assisted Living Home
  • "I really appreciate how both of my instructors & the rest of CGTI were very encouraging, helpful, and positive. They (CGTI) pushed us to get to where they believed we could be. Thank you very much ... we really appreciate you all!" ~2013 CGTI Graduate
  • “We always want to hire only graduates from CGTI. The difference between others who apply for positions and the Graduates of CGTI are like Night and Day.” -Owner Assisted Living Home

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CNA Plus Caregiver


Caregiver Bridge

Calendar of Courses

Courses are scheduled throughout the year

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Program Specific Schedules:

CNA Plus Caregiver


Caregiver Bridge


The CGTI Advantage

Our programs are open to all students regardless of educational attainment.  We look for the innate competencies applicants possess that we further develop in our training program.  

All applicants undergo a rigorous admissions process and are hand-selected by CGTI staff, which includes a highly qualified registered nurse, ensuring that healthcare is a passion, not just a paycheck.  Not all applicants that apply are selected.  We evaluate initiative, judgment, attitude, personality and abilities to ensure academic success and test reading, math and comprehensive skills.

Students graduate from CGTI immediately employable, having completed a key stepping-stone towards an LPN and many continue their education to achieve their RN degree. 

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