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CGTI Industry Partnership Program

The purpose of our Industry Partnership (IP) program is to provide student and industry partners an opportunity to each meet their overall employment needs and goals.

Industry Partner Updated Program costs are now based on size and type of facility. Contact us for details regarding pricing.

This will be accomplished by providing the following:

  • An up-to-date Industry Partner job board available on the CGTI website, our CGTI Facebook page and posted in our student lounge that reflects immediate opportunities within their companies. All job boards will be updated regularly.
  • Industry Partner information is displayed on hall monitors. Logo’s and flyers will be provided by IP to be displayed.
  • Previous students are emailed an updated list of employment opportunities available from our Industry Partners. CGTI will provide list of students available for employment following graduation, contingent upon student permission.
  • A list of Industry Partner information including contact names, phone numbers and industry identifying information is given to all students during “Get that Job” events.
  • Participation in our Industry Partner bi-annual meeting.
  • Industry Partner brochures are displayed, and company logos are posted on the wall in our student lounge which is accessible to all current and past students.
  • Industry Partners will have the opportunity to present information about their agency at our regular Lunch ‘n Learn Speaker Series.
  • Industry Partners will have the opportunity to be face to face with CGTI students such as “Get that Job” events (about 12 events offered annually) and student graduation ceremonies.
  • Industry Partners receive a 10% discount for their employees.
  • Website Listing of all Industry Partners with Logos.

Become an Industry Partner!

To become an Industry Partner contact our Education Specialist: Marianne Marts at 520.325-4870 ext. 103 or by email at mmarts@cgtiaz.org

Industry Partner Program Costs: Based on type of facility and number of beds.

Thank You 2018 Industry Partners