Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute’s Development & Communications Program is growing and evolving with use and as opportunities arise.

Here is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may be of interest.


  • Q:  Am I limited to making annual donations to CGTI of only the Arizona Tax Credit for the Working Poor ($200 per person, or $400 per couple)?

    A:  There is no annual limit to the dollars one may contribute to the Institute, and what is raised her stays here. Those that qualify for the Arizona Tax Credit for the Working Poor must itemize their State of Arizona Income Tax and also be eligible. This is a convenient way to be sure that you tax dollars are spent in Southern Arizona. Please check with your tax professional for more information and to see if you qualify. Here is an example of how this might work for and individual donor:

    In the course of a year, Jane donates a total of $1,000 to CGTI. At tax time, her accountant notes that $200 of the $1,000 she donated qualifies for the Arizona Tax Credit for the Working Poor on her income tax. There is a state tax schedule that must be included with her state tax return. To review or download a pdf copy of the Arizona Tax Credit for the Working policy, click here [insert link]

  • Q.  Is CGTI a non profit, or a for profit school? Who oversees your instruction?

    A:  The Institute is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) educational organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. To view our IRS Charitable Letter, click here [insert link].

    The Arizona Board of Nursing approves our CNA-related training, and the NCIA Board approves our Caregiver-related curriculum.

  • Q:  Does CGTI sell, rent or share its donor mailing or e-mail addresses lists?

    A:  The Institute does NOT sell, rent or share any donor information. Out of concern to protect our donors from identity theft, we also do not publish lists of our individual donors in our public documents or mailings without permission. We do publicize the names of the corporations, governments and private foundations that fund our programs.

  • Q:  How did CGTI get my address?

    A:  In the past, the Institute occasionally borrowed or bought commercial lists of potential donors. In addition, CGTI has access to member lists as a benefit of its memberships in a variety of professional interest groups such as the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, the Society for Nonprofit Leadership, Arizona Small Business Association, etc. Staff and our volunteers collect business cards at meetings and outreach events that they attend. People also share their contact information with us in the course of our own special events, or in connection with other public events that we participate in as sponsors, presenters, or vendors.


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