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Dignity Should NOT Disappear with Age or Disability

Aging loved ones, or those who suffer from chronic health conditions have a fundamental right to the health care necessary to maintain the most independent, productive and dignified lives possible. But there is a problem. The number of screened, qualified and well-trained health care workers to provide the most basic, personal care is simply inadequate. While the need is large and growing, professional caregivers with the combination of skills, qualifications and dedication necessary to provide excellent health care support are scarce.

An Emerging COMMUNITY-BASED Solution

The nonprofit CareGiver Training Institute (CGTI) is a school designed to increase the number of skilled, qualified and motivated health care workers to serve the needs of elderly and disabled individuals throughout Southern Arizona. In response to this chronic need -- in this most hands-on-area of care -- we've created an innovative and flexible instructional program to train individuals with the aptitude and desire to provide exceptional health care. In the last eleven years, we have graduated more than 1,450 professional caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)! More than half of these individuals were unemployed when they enrolled, and are now respected health professionals working in assisted living, skilled nursing, in-home, hospitals or hospice care. A number have gone on to become LPNs or RN-certified nurses.

We are now the largest CNA and Caregiver training program and have the highest quality ratings in Southern Arizona on the Arizona Board of Nursing CNA test (2010-11). Our instructional programs are provided by an outstanding RN-qualified Faculty and are housed in a comprehensive training and resource center, as well as a number of clinical sites where students receive instruction, study and practice their skills. We also work with selected secondary schools in the region, including Sunnyside High School and Pierson Vocational High School in Nogales, Arizona.

We Can Help More PEOPLE with Your Help

Tax deductible contributions from individuals, private foundations, and firms allow us to provide tuition assistance to deserving, unemployed or underemployed, low income students. Your financial support allows us to continue our tradition of providing a range of career assistance, to expand our community outreach, and also to broaden the scope of our instructional services. Help us to enhance the availability and skill levels of the health care work force in Southern Arizona!

The Institute is a charitable 501 (c) (3) educational organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. CGTI is also a qualifying charitable organization for the purpose of the Arizona Tax Credit for contributions to charities that provide assistance to the Working Poor. Keep your tax dollars in our community! This credit allows up to -- $400 per couple or $200 per individual to be taken as an Arizona tax credit. Contact your tax professional to see if you are eligible.

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