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Dignity Should NOT Disappear with Age or Disability

Aging loved ones, or those who suffer from chronic health conditions have a fundamental right to the health care necessary to maintain the most independent, productive and dignified lives possible. But there is a problem. The number of screened, qualified and well-trained health care workers to provide the most basic, personal care is simply inadequate. While the need is large and growing, professional caregivers with the combination of skills, qualifications and dedication necessary to provide excellent health care support are scarce.

Behind the highly-trained people who make dignified care possible are organizations like CGTI.   If your life has been touched by a Caregiver, you have an opportunity to express your gratitude.   Help us to continue to provide affordable, top-quality education while creating a healthier, more vibrant community.

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CGTI has a comprehensive Planned Giving Program that includes many options for making a legacy gift to the Institute.

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Traditional examples of planned giving instruments include:

  • remembering CGTI by bequest in wills
  • gifts of real estate
  • charitable gift annuities
  • life insurance

There are many other options to consider as well. To insure that donors have a full-range of planned giving options the Institute maintains a working relationship with the Center for Planned Giving at the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona.

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