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Caregiver Training Course (#111)

This 116-hour training course is offered at various schedules and includes a state test which, if successfully completed, will provide a certificate to work as caregiver in Arizona.  You will be certified in Personal, Supervisory and Directed Care levels.  The curriculum for training caregivers has been approved by the Arizona Nursing Care Institution Administrators (NCIA) Board.  All training courses include lecture, skill development and direct care.  Included in those hours are 16 hours of medication management.  Some online work will be required.

Caregiver fulfills all requirements for the NCIA Board to earn a Caregiver Certificate and sit for the state exam. Classes include required courses in: Caregiver settings, legal and ethical issues, communication and interpersonal skills, job management skills, understanding service plans, infection control, nutrition, fire safety and emergency measures, maintaining a comfortable environment, basic caregiver skills, mental health and special needs care, cognitively impaired care, restorative skills and activities, medication training, and skill lab.

Textbooks & Exam. (Included in fees)

•    Hartman, Nursing Assistant Care, Diana Dugan RN
•    Medication Management, Brindle, RN
•    Lab Skills Workbook
•    Cooking Manual
•    ServSafe Manual
•    Fee for the first attempt at the State Caregiver Exam

Criteria for Admission

•    Students must be 17 years of age
•    High School Diploma or GED is recommended
•    7th grade reading level recommended
•    Negative TB skin test or chest X-ray (estimated cost:  $15-40)
•    CPR Certification (Healthcare Provider Level) (estimated cost:  $45-$95)
•    Must have filed for a DPS Fingerprint clearance card (cost:  $77.00)
•    Be able to lift, push or pull 25lbs or more

Completion Requirements

•    Student must have a 75% score or higher on the Caregiver final exam
•    Student must have a 75% score or higher on the Dementia Care final exam
•    Student must have an 75% score or higher on the Medical exam
•    All fees owed to CGTI must be paid in full
•    No time can be missed or the minimum hours required cannot be met

Class Schedules*

16.5 days (includes some online instruction) of training from 8:30am to 3pm, Monday through Friday

35 days (includes some online instruction) of training from 3:30pm to 6:30pm Monday thru Thursday, plus (1) Saturday

*Schedules and prices are subject to change


All classes have class size minimums and can be cancelled if not enough students enroll

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Caregiver FAQs

1. What are the requirements to work as a Caregiver?
•    You need to take an approved Caregiver Class and pass the State Exam.
•    You also need to obtain your CPR and First Aid card, your DPS Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card and have a negative TB test.

2. Where will I be able to work as a Caregiver?
    There are several employment settings for Caregiver:
•    Assisted Living Centers (These have more than 10 residents)
•    Assisted Living Homes (These have 10 or fewer residents)
•    Home Health Care Agencies (Some hire caregivers; others hire CNAs)
•    Private Duty (Employer is individual receiving care or family member)

3. I trained as a Caregiver years ago, before certification was required by the state. Do I need to take a new class?
    The NCIA Board which oversees Caregiver training has stated that:
•    If you trained before 1998, you will need to take the new class.
•    If you trained after 1998, you will need to provide your certificate that shows the training meets the DHS post 1998 through October 3, 2013 training program requirements.

4. What is the difference between a Caregiver and CNA?
•    CNAs require more training as specified by the State Board of Nursing. Their scope of practice is also different.
•    Employment settings are different as prescribed by Arizona law. CNAs work in skilled nursing facilities, hospice, hospitals and some home health care. (See question # 2 above for caregiver work settings.)

5. I am already a CNA and I want to get my Caregiver certification. Can I just take the Caregiver state exam?
•    No. You need to take the Caregiver Bridge Class which we offer.