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Caregiver Bridge Course (#112)

This course provides people who have an Arizona CNA certificate in good standing to take a class to earn their Caregiver Certificate. The class includes: Assisted Living orientation, service plans and medication.  Supplies include:  Medication Textbook.
24 hours to be completed in 8 modules of 3 hours each.

Criteria for Admission

• Students must have a current Arizona State Board of Nursing CNA certificate.
• Must have filed for DPS fingerprint clearance card.
• Commitment to attend all classes.
• Valid government issued photo ID in order to take the state exam.

Completion Requirements

• To complete the course and be scheduled for the state NCIA Caregiver exam:
• Student must have a 75% score or higher on the Caregiver final exam.
• Student must have a 75% or higher on the Medication exam.
• All fees owed to CGTI must be paid in full.
• CPR and First Aid (Required to gain employment)
• No classes or time can be missed.
• You must then take a state caregiver exam. State certification is received after successfully passing the state caregiver exam with a 75% score.

Payment Schedules

•    All fees must be paid prior to registration

Class Schedules*

Day Classes (24 hours)

    8:30 AM to 3:00 PM – 4 days

*Schedules and prices are subject to change


What Qualifications must be met to be a Caregiver?

1.    Current CPR card and basic first-aid card
2.    Have a valid fingerprint clearance card
3.    Have a current valid Arizona CNA certification.
4.    Completion of 20- hour caregiver bridge class from an approved institution
5.    Pass the NCIA Caregiver examination with a score of at least 75%
6.    Receive your caregiver certificate from the state of Arizona
7.    Have a current government issued Photo ID

FAQS – CNA  Bridge to Caregiver Course

1.  Who can take the CNA Bridge to Caregiver Class?
  Any CNA with an “active, in good standing” Arizona State CNA certificate.

2.  What do I need to register for the CNA Bridge to Caregiver Course?
  A current, government issued photo-ID. Your CNA certificate will be verified to be “active and in good standing.”

3.  How long is the course?
  The course is 24 hours given over four six-hour days.

4.  Does the course cover all the topics in the state exam?
  No.  The course covers topics that were not included in your CNA training.  You are responsible for information that was taught in your CNA course.

5.  Do I get my certificate after I complete the class hours?
  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be scheduled to take the state Caregiver exam. Once you pass the state caregiver exam, you will be issued a certificate by the Arizona NCIA state board.

6.  Is the cost of the state exam included in the price of the course?
  The cost of the state exam is $65, and is not included in the price of the course.

7. Can I test out of the Caregiver exam without taking the course?
  No. You must complete 24 training hours on topics that were not included in your CNA training.
8.  Where do I take the state exam?
  Caregiver Training Institute is an authorized test site.  We try to schedule state testing soon after the course ends, but there are testing sites throughout the state.

9.  If I fail the exam the first time, can I take it again?
  Yes.  You can take the exam two times.  If you fail twice, you will need to repeat the course.

10.  Once I complete the course, is there a time limit for taking the state exam?
  No, but it is best to take the state exam as soon as possible.