Education Philosophy

People Centered Care

  • Care about clients and always work to improve their quality of life
  • Treat clients with dignity and respect
  • Understand that clients are multi-dimensional and quality care must address all dimensions

Critical Thinking

  • Develop critical thinking by challenging students to explain “Why”
  • Provide a solid foundation of knowledge so graduates are prepared to make the correct decision in any setting
  • Understand the complete skill and the purpose of each step
  • Insure that our graduates understand the difference in scope and function of the Caregiver vs. the Nursing Assistant


  • Encourage respect and cooperation
  • Develop skills to be a productive team member
  • Prepare students to be valuable and reliable employees

Student Centered Education

  • Develop a knowledge and skill base that promotes a belief in themselves and their abilities
  • Challenge our students to be the best they can be
  • Insure that they understand the expectations and responsibilities of being a professional health care worker

Faculty and Staff

  • Be committed to our students and willing to share our wisdom and experience
  • Be supportive of students to allow them to reach their educational objectives
  • Model positive professional behavior for our students