Quality of Care Depends on the Quality of the Caregiver. For over 10 years, the CareGiver Training Institute (CGTI) has educated individuals who share our commitment to providing quality care. As a result, our graduates are now working every day to improve the quality of life for Southern Arizona’s elderly and individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Over 1,500

Graduates from inception


Percent who have earned their CNA certification


Percent who have earned their caregiver certificate


Percent who have passed the State CNA exam the first time.


Rank in Southern AZ for first time pass rate on AZBN CNA exam










We are proud of the fact that our student demographics mirror the communities we serve in Southern Arizona. Interestingly we serve students of all ages from 17 to 72. We find the blend of all ages improves everyone’s learning process and contributes to everyone’s success.

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Flexible Hours & Schedules

Classes year around

Career Assistance

Competitive Pricing

Growing Profession

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